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Hydroelectric Power Plant Inspection with the ASIO Drone

November 1, 2023

Hydroelectric Power Plant Inspection with the ASIO Drone

Flybotix customer HYDRO Exploitation needed a thorough inspection in a hydroelectric power plant without human entry.

Issue: Doubts regarding the interior anticorrosion protection (paint) of the conduit, leading to potential refurbishment considerations. The objective was to assess the protection state to determine if future repairs were necessary to prevent corrosion, steel thinning, and potential conduit rupture.


ASIO drone successfully completed the inspection of the 1,200m conduit in just 16 minutes on a single flight, providing detailed insights into the condition of the anticorrosion protection. This efficient inspection facilitated informed decision-making regarding the refurbishment project.

How Flybotix Achieved This Result:

ASIO drone’s flight capabilities allowed for precise and slow-speed inspections, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the conduit’s condition. The 24 minutes of flight time promised by Flybotix were sufficient to inspect the conduit, demonstrating the drone’s reliability and efficiency.

Cost Savings during Inspection:

The use of ASIO drone eliminated the need for a week-long installation and inspection process, reducing labor costs and potential downtime. The efficient flight time significantly contributed to cost savings and enhanced productivity.

1200M | 16 min | 100K saved per inspection


  1. Efficiency and Time Savings: The ASIO drone completed the inspection in 16 minutes, saving a significant amount of time compared to traditional inspection methods, which required a week.
  2. Cost-Effective Inspection: The drone-based inspection was more cost-effective, reducing labor costs associated with traditional inspection methods involving manual setup and human involvement.
  3. Risk Mitigation: The detailed inspection allowed for objective measurements, enabling informed risk management and accurate planning for potential refurbishment.
  4. Enhanced Communication: The use of ASIO drone improved communication during the flight, eliminating the need for hearing protection and enabling better coordination between the engineer and drone pilot during the flight.
ASIO Drone in action


ASIO drone’s ability to efficiently and effectively inspect confined spaces, such as the Grande-Dixence Conduit, without requiring lengthy setup times makes it a standout solution. Its flight capabilities met the specific requirements for slow-speed, detailed inspections, ensuring precise data collection.


  1. Efficient Flight Time: ASIO drone offer extended flight times, enabling comprehensive inspections even in large structures.
  2. Precise Inspection Capability: The drone’s capabilities allow for detailed and slow inspections, ensuring accurate assessment of complex structures.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: ASIO drone provide cost savings by reducing labor and setup time, making inspections more affordable and efficient.
  4. Improved Communication: ASIO drone enhance communication during flights, facilitating real-time interaction between the engineering team and the drone operator without requiring additional protective gear.

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