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Save cost on Maritime Inspections with the ASIO Drone

November 23, 2023

Save cost on Maritime Inspections with the ASIO Drone

GS Marine Services Ltd, a leading maritime surveying company, specialises in ship inspections and offers innovative drone-based aerial inspections in the shipping industry. Focusing on large ships with intricate dimensions, such as cargo and ballast tanks exceeding 10 meters in each dimension, GS Marine Services faced challenges related to traditional inspection methods’ time consumption, costs, and safety concerns.

The Flybotix customer needed a comprehensive visual inspection of the entire inner surface of the tanks. Traditional methods, involving scaffolding or rope access, were time-consuming and costly, with safety concerns limiting the use of the latter.

Inspection picture


By introducing ASIO drones into the inspection process, GS Marine Services achieved significant savings. The drone, equipped with a 4K camera and powerful LED lighting, conducted thorough inspections of cargo tanks, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding. The immediate streaming of high-quality images to the remote control allowed real-time collaboration with surveyors.

How Flybotix Achieved This Result:

ASIO drones efficiently navigated the challenging environment of large cargo tanks, with irregular surfaces and tight corners. The drone’s stability in GPS-denied environments, coupled with its bright LED lights, enabled thorough inspections. The 24-minute flight time of ASIO drones proved crucial in streamlining inspections, offering a significant advantage over typical quadcopters with only 10 minutes of flight time compared to traditional methods, including scaffolding, typically took days to set up and complete inspections.

Cost Savings during Inspection:

Using the drone for visual inspection resulted in potential savings ranging from several thousand to over a hundred thousand dollars. Staging costs, which could reach up to $195,000 for large ships, were reduced to $10,000 to $30,000 with the drone. Additionally, the elimination of dry-dock time and the ability to maintain the ship’s productivity during inspections added further value.

Inspection picture


  1. Cost Savings: Multiple hundred thousand euros saved for inspections.
  2. Productivity: Additional days added to the ship’s productive time.
  3. Safety: Unparalleled safety benefit compared to traditional methods, as no personnel worked at heights on scaffolding or ropes.


ASIO drones proved indispensable in the challenging environment of large cargo tanks, offering a unique combination of stability, bright lighting, and extended flight time. The streamlined inspection process resulted in substantial cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced safety. The lightweight transport case facilitated quick and easy movement between tanks, further solidifying ASIO’s position as the ideal solution for maritime inspections in complex environments. GS Marine Services and ASIO drones have set a new standard for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety in the maritime surveying industries.


  1. Safe Inspection: ASIO drone eliminate the need for human entry, ensuring safety by keeping personnel out of hazardous confined spaces.
  2. Efficient Maneuverability: ASIO drone can navigate complex structures with agility and precision, reaching areas that are difficult or impossible for humans to access.
  3. Cost-Effective: ASIO drone reduce inspection costs by minimising the need for expensive infrastructure and lowering associated operational expenses.
  4. Increased Frequency: The efficiency and speed of ASIO drone allow for more frequent inspections, optimising asset performance and longevity.
Ship Tank

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